Feng Shui Consultation

Hi Amanda,
Just wanted to thank you – a very giant thank you, for your help with my home. I am slowly getting that list together but already the place feels much better. I really value your insights – you made a lot of sense.
I was absolutely exhausted by the time you left so there was something very deep going on there. I just needed you to know I appreciate your help.

Many thanks


Animal Consultation
Dear Amanda

I wanted to write and thank you so much for the balancing work you did on my horse, Mirage.

As you may remember when I came to you I felt her was very angry and tense I felt I had lost all connection with him and was worried that he was angry with my daughter and I – had we done something wrong? When we were  with him he would barge past and turn his rump on us  – like a grumpy teenager wanting nothing from us other than to be fed. Whilst is he is naturally full of character and can be pushy this was definitely not normal behavior from him – I could feel his anger or emotion and even at times felt a little frightened of him.

You very quickly confirmed this emotional state  and said he was holding this anger in his liver. Some more testing and you were able to tell me it was not us but he had had a memory revived from when he was 7. You were also amazingly able to pin point some finer details

It was fascinating to be there with you as you used your balancing technique to  release this anger. I could physically watch my horse relax, soften and release his emotions.  

I was able to leave with him being back to normal and he was immediately back to his old self, full of himself but loving, fun and  easy to be around. He has not once turned his rump on me since that single session.

This is a true gift  you have and a privilege to experience.  Thank you for making a difference .

May many animal owners try these simple non-invasive methods to understand and help their animals rather than resorting to tougher measures for “bad  behavior” Let’s try loving and understanding these special creatures first.

Caroline Whittle-Herbert
Cooroy Qld.